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Tinto de Abel Organic Dominio del la Vega

Tinto de Abel is an organic red made from the Bobal grape, hand harvested and lightly pressed.

Soft and fruity, easy drinking, gentle tannins. Very enjoyable, great wine for BBQs!

Please note Jane had a very mild reaction to the sulphites so if you have a sulphite allergy you may wish to avoid this wine. I enjoyed it and for everybody else it’s a great healthy wine, we are just being extra cautious as we have quite a few customers who suffer from the sulphite allergy, so we haven’t given it a low sulphite rating (despite it being low compared to mainstream wines!


SKU 4245
Location :
DO Utiel Requena, Spain
Winery :
Dominio del la Vega
Winery Status :
Group of families
Annual Production :
Grapes :
Style :
Soft and fruity
Bottle Size :
Free Sulphur :
Sulphite Level :
Medium Low
Johns Rating :


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