This is a new feature we are introducing where prospective customers can read feedback about our service from existing customers.

I’d like to point out that this feedback is all completely genuine ‘word for word’ and sent in voluntarily so people must be generally impressed to go to the effort of emailing in! Not all retailers are completely honest. I know of one wine website which had a dozen excellent customer comments on it’s site the day it went live – before it even had a customer!

Hello John Just a brief note to let you know your latest delivery has surely broken the land speed wine delivery record – Order for 24 bottles placed Wednesday 1.30 pm and arrived 08.50 pm following day having travelled 254 miles from Conwy to Hartley Wintney. Nobody does it better than GWOL ! Best regards

– Jim

Hi Jane Further to the below I am enjoying the wine and will certainly be reordering several of the bottles once I have gone through it all and decided what’s what. Please thank John for his recommendations. All have been good but some have really impressed me – the Joubert Tradouw chardonnay and the Boekenhoutskloof Semilion, really really good stuff and the Eagle’s Nest Shiraz was excellent. Thanks .

– Jason

Hello John, It has been a number of weeks since we received your wines and I can only say that it has been a revelation to drink them. I have very strong reactions to a lot of wine, migraines mostly, but no reaction whatsoever to the wines we have purchased from you. Not only that, the quality of wine, the taste, texture, all of it, has been revolutionary for us. The biggest challenge has been restraint! We just want to keep trying them. Looking forward to putting our next order in in the coming week or so, Best regards and many many thanks. I wish we had found your site earlier!!

– Ben

amazing wines

– Valentine

I have always enjoyed sharing a glass or two of wine with my husband but for a long time now, even after one glass, I get a terrible headache, have an upset stomach, nausea and feel lethargic which lasts the whole of the next day. HOWEVER, I tried the Frey Mixed Whites Sulphite Free Natural Wine case deal 6x75cland I can honestly say enjoyed each one. They are truly delicious. My husband loves them too but the best bit is even if I share the whole bottle with him I feel nothing the next day, actually that is not completely true, I actually feel better and very well the next day. I have just received my second box of six. 

This has made such a difference to my life as I can now go back to enjoying a lovely glass of wine with my hubby and get up for work the next day as fresh as a Daisy!! Thank you so so much.

– Mrs L F

I like wine and I’d heard that your website was excellent

– S A

Many thanks for the complimentary bottle of Emilio Moro which I am drinking as I wrtite this to you. To be honest I’ve not actually tried a lot of Spanish wine however, if there are producers out there who can produce wine as good as this then I’ll certainly listen to any recommendations that you may have. Once again many thanks

– George

I just wanted to thank you both for your warm welcome when my friend and I called in on Monday to purchase some bottles of wine. My husband and I are looking forward to working our way through the selection! Kindest regards

– Frances

Dear John 
Many thanks for email and phone call and thanks for arranging re-delivery tomorrow. There will definitely be someone in. Thanks for sorting this out quickly. Kind regards

– Janice

Hi John. Just to let you know that our wine arrived and so far we are extremely impressed. Thank you. Regards.

– Gina

What fabulous service – super fast! Thanks very much,

– Julie

Hi there, Firstly, I’d like to say how fantastic to receive an order all the way up in the Highlands the day after I ordered it! Thank you. I really love the white wine I ordered having just had a glass and haven’t actually tasted a wine that good in a long time….

– Karen

I have a sulphite intolerance and tried these wines and they are great. No after affects at all. Amazing!

– M G

I’ve struggled with the hangover effect after only 1 glass of wine so decided to try a mixed case of low sulphur wine from your website. I really enjoyed all 6 bottles of wine (not at the same time!) and was pleasantly surprised to find that there was no hangover in sight – not even a muzzy head! Turns out I’m not such a lightweight; just sulphur intolerant! 2nd case just ordered….

– E.L.

Just had to drop you a note to say thanks for sharing your knowledge on your website. My partner suffers from asthma and cant drink any wine. I’ve been making home made fruit wines for the last year now with the intention of being chemical free. I thought ‘Organic’ meant exactly that – how wrong was I!

– Glenn

Wine has just arrived – thank you for a very prompt service.

– John.

I have just received my wine….less than 24 hours from placing my order! I would like to say how fantastic your service is, I’m absolutely delighted and it makes a refeshing change to find such standards. Well done!!

– Jacqui

Dear John & Craig, I’d like to inform you that I have been delighted with the service that I have received from Good wine online. You have been incredibly swift & helpful in dealing with my enquiries & I am happy to say that my case of chocolate block arrived this morning as promised. I shall certainly order from you again & would definitely recommend your website to friends. Many thanks & kind regards,

– Nicky

Thanks for such prompt service! And such nice wines – I haven’t been able to drink wine for a number of years now but the ones I had from you at Christmas had no ill effects!

– Frances R

Hi,. Just to say thank you for a very speedy and efficient service. The wine was delivered early this morning. Hope the wine is as good as the service!

– Cheers, Roy

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you. I suffer from sulphite intolerance (mainly severe muscular pain) and have found your wines are completely problem free for me. I’m on my second case and have rediscovered the joys of wine drinking!

– Brian H

Wines received next day as promised even in the deep South. Really well packaged, v. impressed with the selection, service and pricing! The delivery is almost paid back on a single bottle (comparing prices to a loc). Thank you.

– Rob

I’m from Argentina and cannot find a good variety of Argentine wines in the shops. I love the reviews it really helps make a choice.

– Maria

Regards the above order I just wanted to say thanks for your great service, I regularly order wine from various companies but have never had an order delivered so quickly, to receive my wine on Tuesday when I ordered it Sunday evening is amazing. Many thanks, I will certainly sing your praises to others.

– Simon W

Thank you – order here when I got home. Very impressed – excellent service – will use again. Best Wishes

– Joseph J

WOW, thank you for the super speedy delivery!

– Sincerely Mr and Mrs W

Hi Just found your excellent website and what mind-blowing wines you have. Your website was a delight to navigate and full of useful information, which can’t be said for many others! What was really surprising is that you are just down the road and I didn’t realise, do you also sell from the premises,have tastings, etc?

I’m a rather disenchanted wine-buff at the moment, having cancelled Sunday Times Wine Club after many years and having problems with the NakedWines philosophy which I joined just a few months ago. I enjoy wines from around the world and love experimenting. I’ve travelled many countries and visit California virtually every year, so I’m a big fan of certain Californian wines (and Oregon Pinot Noir) but you don’t see much over here and it’s expensive. I love Italian food, so it was nice to see such a great selection of their wines on your website.

– Eric

They went down very well indeed. Carnt remember all the names off hand, but we liked the red ‘Bodegas??’ and the one with the picture of the guys daughter on. Not had chance to try the white wines yet. The expensive bottle of red from Monton was v good, but maybe a bit to too good for our uneducated taste!. The champers was good, as was the cheaper sparkling wine(italian one). 

The Monton Estaes ‘Black Label’ sparkling vintage was just fantastic, its possibly one of the best things ever to come out of a bottle. We will be buying more of this. Ideally we would like to get a load of stuff in for christmas as well. P, will be in touch soon – once she has finalised her order. bye for now

GWO have been extremely helpful and responsive. When I incorrectly ordered a gift for our departing head teacher they were quick to offer a solution and I was amazed at the turn around. I will use them again and would recommend them over many other on-line merchants.

– Stewart Fleming – London

Received my order OK. Thank you very much for the bottle opener and pen. Most of all thank you for your very prompt service.

– Kind regards, Ernie

I have to say a big thank you for all your advice and for a super-fast delivery. Until sampling the wines you recommended I never realised Argentina were producing such quality. I’m a massive fan of the big italian reds, and as the prices are so competitive (in fact I couldn’t find them cheaper anywhere else) I’ll be coming back for more.

– Cheers, Wayne

Hi John, It’s been a while since we completed our inaugural order and stocks are depleted this end ! I’m 48 years old, but my wife told me, upon seeing the case of Toasted Head sitting in the kitchen, that I was behaving like an excited small child. I was busting to taste it, but had waited for her return before doing so. 

It was wonderful, and your comments on the webpage about Jane’s comments were totally apt, wow ! I have forced myself to GIVE a bottle to a very good friend, who duplicated these sentiments, and wants a case too. I’m really writing to thank you both for a very smooth introduction to your company, and maybe to ‘feedback’ a little too.

– Mike