“Specialist importer and retailer of genuine artisan wines including natural wines, low sulphite wines and sulphite free wines”


Good Wine Online is a small, fiercely independent family business. We import boutique wines from small artisan producers and retail them directly to our customers right across the UK on a next working day basis. We also stock some good quality wines from larger producers which we source through other UK importers. As well as our artisan wines made properly with minimal intervention or additives, we also specialise in sulphite free natural wines.

We have a warehouse at our small farm in Llysfaen, North Wales where we keep all our wines in stock ready for next working day delivery. We focus on good quality wines from most regions but are particularly keen on South Africa and Argentina for our “new world” offerings. The boutique wine industry in South Africa is flourishing and the quality to price ratio is currently unbeatable for new world wines (South Africa has had a wine industry from the mid 1600s so isn’t really new at all!). Argentina also produces some world class top end wines thanks to a combination of the consistent conditions and guaranteed sunshine, vineyards at altitude and pioneering winemaking.

For “old world” we source wines from tiny artisan family wineries in Spain, France and Italy. We have a strong focus on natural wines for virtually all of these. Many are sulphite free wines, some are organically certified with minimal sulphur and some are just natural wines made properly with minimal if any additives without any certification at all. The two things they have in common is they are all delicious wines and they are all healthy wines – no hangover or headache, no long term health damage from nasty additives. In fact drinking good quality natural wine can be very beneficial healthwise – click this link to read a fascinating paper by Dr Phil Norrie on the health benefits of drinking good natural wines.

I began in the wine trade in 1989 and have had a passion for good wine ever since. Sadly it became difficult to find good wines in the UK high streets as small independent shops were replaced by multiples and supermarkets dealing with global brands, focusing on price over quality. Now, thanks to the internet there are more and more retailers like us importing directly and retailing artisan quality wines to the UK public once more. Please try some of our wines and judge for yourself!

Thank you for supporting us and supporting our artisan family wineries..

John & Jane