No Minimum Order

It’s simple – there is no minimum order quantity, you can order whatever quantity you like from a single bottle! This is ideal if you want to send someone a gift such as one expensive bottle. However one of the many benefits of buying your wine online is saving money, and delivery costs money so it is far more economical to order in quantity. Some wine merchants will charge you a “per case” rate so the more you buy the more expensive it becomes. We don’t do this, we prefer to reward our customers for ordering more so we have a fixed price for delivery. The more bottles you order the lower the per bottle cost becomes.

For orders of £250 or more we pay the full delivery charge, so this is the most economical way of buying your wine.

We can package any quantity so you can order whatever quantity you want. However it is always easier for us if you can order in multiples of 6 (6, 12, 18, 24 etc) as this is the most economical and secure way of packaging for us. But if you really do want an odd number that is fine too, we can do it!