Sequerciani, Maremma, Tuscany Red & White Wines


Sequerciani is an absolute gem – a tiny natural wine producer in the beautiful Maremma region of coastal Southern Tuscany, working with indigineous Tuscan grapes.

It was originally a farmhouse with 8 hectares belonging to a Tuscan farmer, was sold to a Swiss couple then wound up in the hands of film maker Reudi Gerber – you can read the story on the Sequerciani website. In 1992 he revitalised the property and opted for organic production of both wine and olive oil.

It has since tansformed into a 50 hectare estate offering some very tempting accommodation with stunning views in a beautiful location. You can even get married there if you like! However it is still a hands on farm with just five hectares under vine producing just 10,000 bottles in total across a range of five wines!

I discovered them quite by accident but am so glad I did. It’s very rare to discover wine producers of this calibre and small size.

I was contacted by them out of the blue when they were offered a table at the RAW wine fair at the last minute, so they were the first producer I visited when I got to the show. Their wines are fabulous. All hand made, part aged in clay amphorae, completely natural with no additives whatsoever and nothing taken away either – no fining, no filtering.

Their tag line is “grapes, sun and earth – that’s it”. Their wines are beautiful and pure. All have bags of flavour and a wonderful smoothness from the natural acidity of the perfectly ripe grapes.

“Wine emerges of it’s own accord if you give it time. Only then will it reveal it’s true story. Clay soil, Tuscan summer days and cool nights close to the sea – we want to hear this story and so we let the wine do the talking. We work with the utmost care, add nothing and filter nothing out – we experience everything exactly as it happens. A pure drinking pleasure made from nothing but grapes, sun and earth.”

Ruedi Gerbe!

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