Joubert Tradauw

pictured is Meyer Joubert, farming organically and producing exceptional wines way out in the Little Karoo, South Africa

Artisan Low Sulphite Wines – Made by Hand

We specialise in genuine artisan wines made properly with minimal use of additives by tiny family wineries, quite often just husband and wife or father and son. These wines are made by hand – the vineyards are tended by the winemakers themselves, the grapes all hand picked and hand sorted. There is huge attention to detail at the winemaking stage with regular manual punch downs of the ferment. These winemakers don’t just oversee the winemaking, they physically do just about everything themselves. And most importantly by taking this extra care they avoid having to rectify their wines with additional chemicals, so the end result is delicious healthy wine which won’t give you a bad head!

Many of these producers farm organically, like Meyer featured above (or biodynamically) but choose not to opt for certification as it is expensive, and to them it isn’t value for money. Why should they have to pay to farm as they have always done?

These wines are very low in sulphites and any of the other 80+ chemicals commonly found in big brand factory produced wines. Many are fermented with the grapes’ own natural yeast, and many have only a light filtering, some have none at all so all the goodness and natural anti oxidants are left in the wine.

They are a very healthy lifestyle choice, and you also get the reward of knowing with every bottle you buy you are contributing to the continuation of these small family farms, not just lining the pockets of some multi national corporation!

They are spread across three sections on our site as some are sulphite free, some are certified organic and some have no certification so fall into our low sulphite section, so please check out these three pages:

Sulphite free wines

Organic wines

Low sulphite wines