Mayrac cellar door


Domaine Myrac is an excellent small winery owned by a Greek family in the Limoux region of France. They produce organic wines and recently took that a step further releasing a range of sulphite free wines. Their organic wines are both lovely and natural. They work with local grapes such as the little known Arinarnoa, as well as better known varieties. In particular the region is known for making the best Chardonnays in France outside Burgundy, and also very good Pinot Noir, plus of course the superb sparkling wine “Blanquette de Limoux” which is reputedly even older than Champagne. Blanquette is fantastic quality and is tipped by many to be “the next Prosecco” as more Brits are discovering it. It’s more “Prosecco” in style than Champagne with green apple flavours and crisp acidity. It’s available as Brut and Demi Sec, but also “Methode Ancestrale” where fermentation is stopped early leaving some sugar unfermented. This is deliciously sweet and lower alcohol (6.5%) but still organic and natural. Their biggest seller by far for us though is their fantastic Blanquette Brut “sans sulfites” which has quickly become by far our biggest selling sparkling wine – it is superb!

Mayrac also make some exceptional wines such as their Enigma Syrah and the red and white Diletante wines, plus their top Pinot Noir “Excellence”.

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