Sulphite Free Wine

Sequerciani Libello

Organically certified by ICEA and Demeter. All Sequerciani grapes are farmed biodynamically too.

A beautiful wine from this amazing tiny natural wine producer! This is one of our biggest selling sulphite free wines.

More stock en route expected by end of May.


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80% Sangiovese is blended with 20% Ciliegiolo and both are fermented wih only the grapes' natural yeasts. The wine is left to macerate on the skins for four months in concrete tanks and teracotta amphorae. No sulphites or any other additive is used, nor is anything taken away by fining of filtering - as Sequerciani's tag line states " grapes, sun and earth - that's it"!

The wine is full and silky, with big red fruit flavours with a slightly nutty finish. Very natural in style (obviously) and a long finish. It's fantastic either on it's own or with virtually any Tuscan food - please try a bottle to get our sales up and running and help Sequerciani get their wines to the UK market. They literally make about 10,000 bottles per year in total, all completely by hand of course with real passion and dedication to organic natural production. I predict this wine in particular will be a massive hit for us.

"grapes, sun and earth - that's it"


Location :
Maremma ,Tuscany
Winery :
Winery Status :
Tiny Family winery
Winemaker :
Laura Rossi
Annual Production :
4000 bottles
Grapes :
80% Sangiovese 20% Ciliegiolo
Style :
Silky and pure
Bottle Size :
Free Sulphur :
Percentage Score :
Biodynamic :
Organic :
Sustainable Farming :
Gluten Free :
No Wood Used :
Vegan :
Sulphite Level :
Sulphite Free
Johns Rating :

2 reviews for Sequerciani Libello

  1. Drewkeats

    Just tried this for the first time. Early notes after 30 minutes breathing, quite forward, light, summer fruits and berries. Starts to really open out after an hour in the decanter. Softening, medium tannins, more body, good legs, fruit really coming through with a slight dryness. This is a really great wine. Enjoying the journey.

  2. Jimbo

    Very accurate tasting notes. I found a very slight astrinsic taste at the end like formalderhyde. The use of a filter is recommended as there is plenty of sediment. Overall a very good wine, for me a 8 out of 10.

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