Sulphite Free Wine

Sequerciani Aleatico Passito 375ml

Organically certified by ICEA and Demeter

A truly magnificent dessert wine! Aleatico is a grape native to Maremma. Please note this is a half bottle 375ml.

“grapes, sun and earth – that’s it”


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Organically certified by ICEA and Demeter

Half the crop is harvested at perfect ripeness and the other half left on the vine to wilt to concentrate the natural sugars, the same system used in Germany with Auslese etc. The harvested crop is fermented with it's natural yeasts in stainless steel. After the wilted grapes are harvested and crushed the two wines are then blended and left to macerate in teracotta amphorae for four months. Nothing is added, nor is anything taken away. The wine is then bottled in the first half of March.

I love Reccioto, a high end red dessert wine from Veneto, and this to me is even better due to it's naturalness. Beautiful huge sweet flavours, yet pure and clean. This wine is very special indeed.

Total sulphites 12 mg/l (all naturally occurring of course) so it is fine for anybody even with a severe sulphite allergy.

"grapes, sun and earth - that's it"

Location :
Maremma ,Tuscany
Winery :
Winery Status :
Tiny Family winery
Winemaker :
Laura Rossi
Annual Production :
400 bottles or so
Grapes :
100% Aleatico
Style :
Huge natural sweetness
Bottle Size :
Free Sulphur :
Percentage Score :
Biodynamic :
Organic :
Sustainable Farming :
Gluten Free :
Vegan :
Sulphite Level :
Sulphite Free
Johns Rating :
red wine glass


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