Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio DOC Valdadige

Santa Margherita have been awarded Gambero Rosso “Winery of the Year 2021”

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio is one of Italy’s very best, and best known Pinot Grigios, hailing from the premier Valdadige region, and was responsible for starting the worldwide interest in this Italian variety. Santa Margherita are one of Italy’s best known and most prestigious wineries. This Pinot Grigio is excellent with full flavour, good body and a crisp finish.




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Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio is a top class Pinot Grigio, a market leader in Italy with the vast majority shipped to the USA where it's a big hit with the cruise liners and big hotels.

It comes from the prestigious Valdadige region up in the hills in the Alto Adige, where quality Pinot Grigio flourishes. This is a world away from the entry level Pinot Grigio del Venezie that you see in the multiples and supermarkets, and in truth much of that isn't really Pinot Grigio anyway. The UK supermarkets annually sell around five times more "Pinot Grigio del Venezie" than the region can physically produce! Much of this wine is shipped in from other countries such as Hungary and is even made from different graspes such as Garganega!

So don't be put off thinking this is anything like supermarket Pinot Grigio - it is not! This is a class wine, much like Pinot Grigio Livon from neighbouring Collio. I strongly recommend you try a bottle of either of these wines to see what real Pinot Grigio tastes like!

It has an intense aroma with strong fruit on the palate, good body and an almost creamy texture. Delicious just to drink but also well suited to a variety of foods including fish dishes.

Santa Margherita is one of Italy's most respected wineries and they now have about a dozen wineries under their ownership, all of whom make good wines at good value prices.

Location :
Veneto, Italy
Winery :
Santa Margherita
Winery Status :
Large quality winery
Winemaker :
Annual Production :
Grapes :
Pinot Grigio
Style :
Full, round, crisp
Bottle Size :
Percentage Score :
Sulphite Level :
Medium Low
Johns Rating :


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