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Anadigna Albarino Fudre D.O Rias Baixas

A new wine in a different style! Just 2600 bottles produced.

It is very floral on the nose. Complex flavours, again quite floral with a very long dry finish with notes of citrus. Full body and good mouthfeel, noticeable oak yet with refeshing acidity.

This is somewhere between a clean oaked chardonnay and a bone dry Alsace Reisling. If you’re after something more mainstream in style stick to Carlos’s fantastic white label Albariño.  



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Location :
Rias Baixas, Spain
Winery :
Winery Status :
Tiny family winery
Winemaker :
Cayetano Otero & Patricia Presas
Annual Production :
2,600 bottles
Grapes :
100% Albarino
Style :
Floral, complex, pure and dry
Bottle Size :
Free Sulphur :
Percentage Score :
Sulphite Level :
Very Low
Johns Rating :


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