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Mauricio Lorca Block One Malbec

This Block One Malbec isĀ from Mauricio Lorca’s vineyards atĀ Los Ɓrboles, TunuyĆ”n, Alto Valle de Uco, regarded as the best area in all Argentina for growing high quality grapes.Ā 

Handpicked into small trays, the best grapes were selected where 90% were fermented then agedĀ in French oak and 10% in American oak. The resulting wine is fantastic and is presented in an impressive heavyweight bottle.

Deep ruby in colour. Big juicy fruit perfectly balanced with the oak and the high altitude acidity. This is a cracking bottle of Malbec at this price.


SKU 4255
Location :
Uco Valley, Mendoza
Winery :
Mauricio Lorca
Winery Status :
Privately owned winery
Winemaker :
Mauricio Lorca
Annual Production :
Grapes :
Style :
Big & juicy
Bottle Size :
Free Sulphur :
Percentage Score :
No Wood Used :
Sulphite Level :
Medium Low
Johns Rating :


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