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Malcaracter “Julia” Verdejo DO Rueda

A fantastic new wine which is a pet project from our favourite Spanish supplier. Cecilia had Rosa Zarza make the wine, and many of you will have enjoyed her reds such as the Incredulo wines and the superb Tinta Rosa and 14 Meses. Well here Rosa has made a superb Verdejo from organically grown grapes. This “Julia” has now been rebranded this vintage under Malcaracter’s name where the wine is actually made, and presentation has changed – we don’t have an up to date image as yet. They are basically all working together producing a small selection of superior wines and it made sense for them to have the “Julia” under the Malcaracter brand.

The wine itself is of course the same excellent quality and is delicious and highly recommended. Low in sulphites so a great healthy lifestyle option.



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Producers: Nacho Gutiérrez & Cecilia Puebla
Winemaker: Rosa Zarza
Region: Rueda
Vineyard: Bio-Vineyard 100% VERDEJO. Wine made with vines that are between 30 and 40 years old and 800 meters of altitude, which assures an optimus and balanced maturation.
Ageing: aged on the lees during 4 months.
After a fermentation under controlled temperature, the wine is aged 4 months on the lees, wich gives complexity to the wine.
Its color ispale yelow with Green hints. It is clear and bright.
It has aromas of tropical fruits, White flowers and fennel.
In the mouth is balanced, round and delicious. It is fresh and, at the end, has a very pleasent bitterness typical from the verdejo.

Location :
DO Rueda, Spain
Winery :
Nacho Gutiérrez & Cecilia Puebla
Winery Status :
Produced by tiny family winery
Winemaker :
Rosa Zarza
Annual Production :
A couple of thousand bottles
Grapes :
Style :
Natural, crisp, pure
Bottle Size :
Free Sulphur :
Sulphite Level :
Very Low
Johns Rating :


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