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Incredulo D.O. Toro

This is a big powerful wine, natural and pure with great overall balance. Big flavours with some vanilla coming thrrough on the finish – fantastic! Get some whle you can.

This is a tiny winery of “friends” who make just two wines (plus the Family Seleccion in exceptional years) so we are very lucky to have got hold of some of this again this year!


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Rather basic translation from their website reads:


- Hand harvested in boxes of 15 kg fruit companies

- selected tape unprecedented selection of vines more than 90 years Grapes

- grapes to 10 degrees in cold storage are cooled

- fermentation in temperature-controlled tanks

- Criomaceration before fermentation

- During alcoholic fermentation three times per day are made ??with batonagge

- After alcoholic fermentation, the wine is macerated for 15 days

- The malolactic fermentation is done in 100% French oak barrels

- Aged for 14 months in oak barrels French

- is not filtered, clarified or stabilized, so natural precipitation the wine itself can appear

- The bottle aging is done in a cold room with controlled temperature and humidity.


TASTING APPEARANCE: Red Color Cherry red with violet hues thin layer. Clean, bright and intense color sequence. It offers an unctuous and colored tears. Nose: Elegant and intense aromas of red fruits with spices and roasted fund provided in the background by the French oak in a perfect assembly. Palate: Meaty, fresh and fruity, with young tannins, living and sweets that fill the palate. Elegant and long aftertaste, typical of the harmony of fruit and wood.

RECOMMENDED DISHES dishes that dominate the intense feelings, such as hunting, red meat, roasts, rice, mushrooms, cured cheeses and Galician octopus.

TEMPERATURE AND RECOMMENDATIONS Take at a temperature around 14 ° C leaving decant in a glass jar, 30 minutes before enjoying it.

Location :
Valdefinjas, Toro
Winery :
Pago de Cubas
Winery Status :
Tiny "group of friends" winery
Winemaker :
Rosa Maria Zarza
Annual Production :
Grapes :
100% Tempranillo (Tinta de Toro)
Style :
Big and powerful
Bottle Size :
Percentage Score :
Vegan :
Sulphite Level :
Very Low
Johns Rating :


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