Friulano Collio DOC Livon Linea Classica

Friulano Collio DOC Livon Linea Classica is an excellent example of this local grape. The Collio DOC is one of Italy’s most prestigious regions for producing quality white wines, and Livon are one of the areas top wineries, and in fact the region’s largest family owned winery

Founded by Dorino Livon in the 1960s it has grown to a sizeable 260 hectares with Dorino’s sons Valneo and Tonino and their families all involved.

Friulano is the local name for the grape which is also called “sauvignon vert” in other regions. No surprise then that this wine is similar in style to their Sauvignon Blanc being clear, almost waterlike in appearance. Again good body. More subtle flavours, more like a hybrid of their excellent Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. Again very clean and natural, wine made properly by a passionate producer, so you know you are drinking a wine which is healthy and good for you.

Vey well balanced natural acidity and a long clean finish. I think this wine would be very well received by fans of good Chablis and similar quality old world dry whites.


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Country and Region: Italy,Friuli Venezia Giulia

Classification: Collio DOC

Producer: Livon

Wine Style: White

Grape Varieties : Friulano

Vinification: The grapes are harvested by hand and placed in boxes then steep in a cold, horizontal press for 8 hours on arrival at the winery and the must is ‘cleaned’ through settling. Fermentation takes place in steel tanks at controlled temperatures of 18°C. When the fermentation is over the wine remains in tank to mature for about 5 months at constant temperatures. There follows a further long period of refining in bottle before the wine is released.

ABV: 12.5%

Closure: Natural Cork

Note: Previously known as Tocai Friulano, the name Friulano was decided upon after Hungary successfully lobbied to obtain the exclusive use of the name Tocai for it's famous sweet wines.

Location :
Friuli Venezie
Winery :
Winery Status :
Family winery
Annual Production :
Grapes :
Style :
Soft and fruity
Bottle Size :
Sulphite Level :
Medium Low
Johns Rating :


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