Laverstoke Park Biodynamic English Sparkling Wine 2015 Brut

Independent English Wine Awards - Silver Medal

A new biodynamic sparkling wine for us, from England!

This Laverstoke Farm 2015 Brut was made in the traditional Champagne method, with extensive lees ageing for four years. It is also made from the traditional Champagne grapes of course, in this case dominated by Pinot Noir which is how I personally prefer my vintage Champagnes.

It is excellent, easily as good as any vintage Champagne at this price point, Really fine mousse, big biscuity flavours, toasty with a long finish.

It's also very natural being biodymically certified by Demeter, with the benefit of organic and biodynamic farming. As it's a sparkling wine the naturally produced CO2 acts an antioxidant so it is very low sulphite too.

I strongly urge you to give ait a try and support our domestic wine industry!

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Our 2015 Vintage Brut is light gold in colour, showing an exciting level of natural acidity, delivering freshness and a sense of cleanness all over the mouth making the pairing with rich and sumptuous food exceptional.

Fine flavours, complexity, a gentle touch of green apple and unripe tropical fruits add finesse and elegance, the mousse coats the whole mouth surface disappearing delicately leaving a feeling of lightness. The length is persistent disclosing a palette of colourful tasting notes.

More Information
Location Hampshire
Winery Laverstoke Park
Winery status Independent family owned
Annual production Low
Grapes 73% Pinot Noir, 18.5% Chardonnaym 8.5% Pinot Meunier
Product awards Independent English Wine Awards - Silver Medal
Silver Medals
Style Vintage Champagne style
ABV 12%
Bottle Size 75cl
Percentage score 90
Biodynamic Yes
Organic Yes
Grapes Own Yeast Yes
Sustainable farming Yes
Gluten free Yes
No wood used Yes
Vegan Yes
Vegetarian Yes
Sulphite level Very Low
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