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Vallisto Extremo Criolla

Vallisto Extremo is the pet project of Francisco Lavaque producing classical wines via natural methods from old vines.

Francisco followed biodynamic principles for the grape growing and produced the wine without any nasty additives such as pesticides or fungicides in the vineyard or added acids or manipulation in the winery. The result is a delicious natural wine made in a light yet elegant style.

Pale ruby in colour with a nose of cherry. Red fruit initially followed by a little pepper and spice. Smooth and natural with a dry finish. Ideal to drink on it’s own in the summer or pair with chicken, BBQ or cheese and biscuits.


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In search of a new interpretation of the Calchaqui Valleys, we sought to rescue the history of the place through the use of the ‘criolla chica’ grape, a variety that was mostly grafted by Malbec. There are very few vines with this variety left in the valleys. We hope to accentuate the finesse that this particular vineyard demonstrates.

VINEYARDS: Planted in 1898 in the Quebrada de Hualfin at 2,000 meters above sea level. The plants were brought by Jesuits loaded in Murcia. The owner of the vineyard resisted grafting with Malbec like most of his neighbors did. He cultivated the vineyard like his grandfather and father did. Clay loam soils with stony subsoils. No added fertilizers, boils or fungicides. Pruning in July in conjunction with the occurance of the old moon of the lunar calendar.


Harvest at the beginning of March in 20kg bins.
Fermented with native yeasts, without added acid, nutrients or enzymes. 3 daily presses during the first 4 days of fermentation.
Transferral on the 5th day before finishing the alcoholic fermentation.
2 rounds of stripping.

Harvest: 2020
Color: Red | Kind: Dry
Grape variety: Criolla chica
Alcohol content: 12,3%
pH 3.6 | Acidity: 5.02 g/l
Residual sugar: Less than 2g/l
Aging: Winter in concrete tanks with 20% in French oak barrels.
Number of bottles produced: 10,000
Number of batches: 1 (one)

Location :
Cafayete Valley, Salta, Argentina
Winery :
Vallisto Extremo
Winery Status :
Family owned winery
Winemaker :
Francisco Lavaque
Annual Production :
1700 cases of 6
Grapes :
Gold Medals :
Style :
Sweet fruit, intense
Bottle Size :
Free Sulphur :
Percentage Score :
Grapes Own Yeast :
Sustainable Farming :
No Wood Used :
Vegan :
Sulphite Level :
Very Low
Johns Rating :
red wine glass


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