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Vallisto Extremo Barbera

Vallisto Extremo is the pet project of Francisco Lavaque producing classical wines via natural methods from old vines.

This Barbera reminded me very much of good Piedmonte and if you tasted it blind you’d think it was Italian.

Quite a pungent farmyard nose on opening which is deceptive as it has lovely red fruit flavours with fine acidity from the altitude. Elegance and finesse for such a natural wine ending with the typical dry finish.

Definitely pairs well with Italian foods such as pizza or good cured meats, casseroles or game.


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This wine is the fruit of a mixture of cultures. The Vallistos,people who belong to the valley, received the heritage of the Italian immigrants who brought the Barbera vines into Argentina the XIX Century to produce wines as they had back in the old continent. Our Barbera vineyard is located at 1900 meteres above sea level, on the Western slope of the Cafayate Valley. In our winemaking process we work to keep in our wines the freshness and fruit character of our grapes.


Grapes sourced from the western slope of the Cafayate Valley, at 1,900 masl (6,230 fasl). Manual harvest and berry
selection, handled with great care into 20-kilo (44-pound) bins.


Double belt cluster and berry sorting line. Cold maceration for 2 days, between 8° and 10° C (46° and 50°F).
Fermentation in concrete, double-wall, conical tanks. The first stage of the fermentation process only involves délestage, with intense pumping over being conducted as soon as fermentation begins. This wine has not been aged in oak in order to preserve its fruity flavors to the fullest.

Harvest: 2020
Color: Red | Kind: Still, dry
Grape variety: Barbera 100%
Alcohol content: 12%
pH: 3.71 | Acidity: 5,55 g/l
Aging: 12 months in Concrete
Number of bottles produced: 7500 bottles
Number of batches: 1 (one)

Location :
Cafayete Valley, Salta, Argentina
Winery :
Vallisto Extremo
Winery Status :
Family owned winery
Winemaker :
Francisco Lavaque
Annual Production :
1250 cases of 6
Grapes :
Style :
Italian and Natural
Bottle Size :
Free Sulphur :
Percentage Score :
Grapes Own Yeast :
Sustainable Farming :
No Wood Used :
Vegan :
Sulphite Level :
Very Low
Johns Rating :
red wine glass


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