Organic Low Sulphite Wine

La Selva Organic Pugnitello

Gambero Rosso – Due Bicchieri

Fabulous! Pugnitello is an old Tuscan grape, with literally less than a dozen people farming it these days. This wine is beautiful, real Brunello quality!


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Organically certified by ICEA, Naturland and NOP

Pugnitello is an ancient Tuscan grape that very few people have heard about but it makes some outstanding wines. It was widely planted but declined as it is a low yielding vine and was quickly superseded by Sangiovese for commercial regions. These days there are literally only a handful of producers growing Pugnitello.

I love this wine. I actually remarked on my tasting notes that it was virtually Brunello quality - but a lot cheaper of course as you have to pay over £30 for a good Brunello and considerably more for a great one! We took a bottle to Carlo's and it was beautiful. Exceptionally smooth with a really silky mouthfeel. Give this wine a try, it is fantastic.

Location :
Maremma ,Tuscany
Winery :
Cantina La Selva
Winery Status :
Family winery
Winemaker :
Roland Krebser
Annual Production :
Very low
Grapes :
Product Awards :
Gambero Rosso - Due Bicchieri
Gold Medals :
Style :
Brunello quality and style!
Bottle Size :
Free Sulphur :
Percentage Score :
Organic :
Sustainable Farming :
Gluten Free :
Vegan :
Sulphite Level :
Very Low
Johns Rating :
red wine glass


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