Only Good Wine

Our site is different to the vast majority of other wine websites for various reasons, but the biggest one is this – we only sell GOOD wine.

Jane and I are both wine lovers and we will only list wines that we will drink ourselves! We taste thousands of wines each year and only the best make it onto our site. I started in the wine trade back in 1989 and have had a passion for good wine ever since.

We seek out quality low sulphite wines, made traditionally by small family owned wineries, which are low in sulphites and additives. We know many of the winery owners personally.

You will not find factory produced, bulk wines, pumped full of chemicals on our site.

As well as the boutique wines from small family vineyards, we list some wines from co-operatives or larger producers too, but these are still well made from quality fruit. We only buy from quality producers with good reputations, where the quality of the wine speaks for itself.

This means you can order any wine from our site, confident that it’s good wine. People have different taste, likes and dislikes so please use our tasting notes to find the wines to suit your individual palate.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email or phone us. We’re always happy to hear from you!