One of the main benefits when shopping with us for wine online is the ability to mix different wines from different regions or countries to make up your case, or indeed multiple cases. You can have any number of bottles you like from a single bottle to literally hundreds of bottles. It doesn’t need to be in multiples of 12 either as we can accomodate any number, although multiples of 12 is the optimum for packing and transport.

As you’re no doubt aware by now we source genuine artisan wines on their merits, rather than on reputation. We choose wines because they’re great quality and great value. Some are highly individual such as the Sequerciani unfiltered natural Vermentino, where they only make 600 bottles per year! Or perhaps the Laborum Tannat or Susana Balbo’s Nosotros wines at over £100 per bottle from Argentina. Or Philippe Viret’s “Cosmoculture” bioenergetic natural wines from France. The one thing they have in common is they’re all excellent wines. This means our customers can put together an eclectic selection from around the world in one order and have it delivered to home or office the very next day.

Perhaps you want top Franciacorta such as Ca del Bosco, then you may want to try a bottle of South African “Champagne” from Colmant which blows away anything from France at twice the price? Add in some artisan Albarino from a tiny producer in Spain, some top Amarone such as Sergio Zenato Riserva, or a 100 point Brunello? It can all be done, and delivered next day at super competitive prices.