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Domaine Mayrac Organic Cremant de Limoux

Domaine Mayrac Cremant de Limoux is a superb organic sparkling wine, more in the style of Champagne being rich and biscuity, rather than the fruitier, greener Prosecco style - if you want that style opt for their Blanquette instead.

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The Cremant differs from the Blanquette de Limoux as it is permitted (and required) to contain more Chenin and Chardonnay plus a drop of Pinot Noir, as well as some Blanquette.

Unsurprisingly it is very "champagne" in style. Pale gold in colour with strong fruit flavours. It's "naturalness" and balance shine through and you find yourself just drinking it down and pouring more without consciously deciding to do so! Great presentation too. An ideal wine for a celebration.

More Information
Location Limoux, France
Winery Domaine Mayrac
Winery status Privately owned winery
Annual production Tiny
Grapes Blanquette, Chardonnay, Chenin & Pinot Noir
Style Dry, fine mousse, Champagne style
ABV 12
Bottle Size 75cl
Organic Yes
Sustainable farming Yes
Gluten free Yes
Vegan Yes
Sulphite level Very Low
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