Susana Balbo Benmarco Pinot Noir

This Benmarco is a fabulous Pinot Noir from Argentina - a phrase not often heard! But this is seriously good wine with real finesse and balance. The Benmarco range is a special project of minimal interventionalist wines on specific vineyard sites, overseen by Edy del Popolo. I love all the Benmarco wines, they are certainly my favourite of all the Susana Balbo wines.

Edy has worked his magic here with this Pinot Noir. Highly recommended.

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As our regulars will know we love Susana's wines. Well, here she has created something wonderful, something of a first in Mendoza.

Until now good Argentine Pinot Noir only came from further south in Patagonia. But Susana has pioneered a superb wine here. She fermented the Pinot Noir with 5% Viognier (white grape of course). The resultant wine is delicious, soft and silky smooth with red fruit flavours. Elegant and sophisticated not the sweet and "jammy" style that is associated with South American Pinots. Full and round in the mouth but not heavy, this wine has been enhanced by subtle oak ageing too. It is lovely

More Information
Location Alto Agrelo, Mendoza
Winery Susana Balbo
Winery status Large family winery
Winemaker Edy del Popolo
Annual production Tiny
Grapes Pinot Noir & 5% Viognier
Style Fruit driven, balanced
ABV 14
Bottle Size 75cl
Percentage score 90
Sulphite level Low
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