Santa Margherita "52" Rose

Santa Margherita "52" Rose is a stunning Rose Prosecco (in all but name). Very limited production and exclusive to us in the UK.

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Following on from the success with their stunning limited production Prosecco 52, Santa Margherita launched a very limited production Rose version in 2013.

Complex DOCg laws mean that there is now no such wine as "Prosecco Rose", only white sparkling wines are allowed to call themselves Prosecco. However this is a Prosecco in all but name, made from the traditional Glera grape. The white Prosecco is then blended with a Rose made from Malbec and refemented in tank. The resulting wine is then bottle aged for 5 months before release.

This wine is exlusive to us in the UK and is extremely limited. They only produce 2000 bottles annually which they intended exclusively for the Italian market. As it was originally intended as a one off celebration wine which was so successful they repeated it the following year, they have now stopped production so this is the very last of this wine ever to be made. 

More Information
Location Veneto, Italy
Winery Santa Margherita
Winery status Large privately owned
Annual production Tiny limited edition
Grapes Glera & 5% Malbec
Style Fruity, fine mousse, dry finish
ABV 11.5
Bottle Size 75cl
Vintage NV
Percentage score 91
Sulphite level Low
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