Organic Wines

We have many more biodynamic wines or organic wines listed on our Sulphite Free page as these go beyond the requirements for organic, with no added chemicals or manipulation whatsoever. So please visit that page too as we are not duplicating them on this page.

Below we are listing some good "EU organically certified" wines. There is now a great deal of confusion created by the new EU Certification "Organic Wine" which replaces the former "wine made from organically grown grapes". The new regulations are very lax and permit the addition of around 40 different chemicals plus several dubious production methods such as the addition of tartaric acid, and reverse osmosis intensive filtering.

This means it is now virtually impossible to distinguish from looking at the label, genuine quality EU Organic wines from mass produced, manipulated wines with excessive additives which still qualify to be labelled as EU Organic. The vast majority of genuine organic producers are furious about these new regulations as the "EU Certified Organic" status is now virtually worthless. They have to pay to be organically certified and relied on the system to distinguish their genuine organic wines from the mass produced "organic" wines peddled by the big producers and retailers.

We only sell genuine organic wines, made naturally with extremely low sulphite content, and absolute minimal permitted additives, so you can safely choose any of these knowing they are healthy and natural.

Both Domaine Mayrac and Cantina La Selva are small wineries run by families who live a genuine organic life. La Selva is actually a producer of a whole range of organic foods as well as their wine. Visits can be arranged for customers where you can stay on site in one of the guest houses.

Once again I will point out we have many more genuine natural wines on our sulphite free page so please do make a point of checking it out after you've finished here.

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