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Moncaro Atavico Verdicchio Classico Superiore no added sulphite wine

Moncaro Atavico Verdicchio is a classy Verdicchio with the benefit of no added sulphites. It is both a Classico meaning it comes from the best area, and a Superiore meaning it has to attain a a certain standard. Moncaro are a big producer in Le Marche, but they are also part of the Wine Research Team, a small band of Italian producers pioneering organic wine production so they've made a couple of good no added sulphite wines.

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Moncaro Atavico Verdicchio (no added sulphites) is a brand new wine for Moncaro made without the addition of any sulphites. They have been working within a consortium of other like minded winemakers to develop a process of minimising the additives they use in their wines. Although this wine does technically still contain some sulphites, they are produced naturally during fermentation, and this wine is fine for people with a sulphite allergy.

Again it is from the premium Classico area of Castelli di Jesi, and to earn it's "Superiore" ranking it has to contain a minimum of 85% Verdicchio grapes and have a minimum ABV of 12%. This particular wine is made of 100% Verdicchio. The grapes were carefully picked and transported under dry ice to avoid any possible oxidation! After fermentation it was aged "sur lies" for two months so will keep in good condition for a year or two despite the lack of artificial preservatives.

Taste wise it is clean and crisp with citrus flavours. I found it very enjoyable. Once again these natural wines just make me subconsciously glug away - it isn't the flavour in itself, it's something wholesome as the wine is actively good for you!

More Information
Location Le Marche, Italy
Winery Moncaro
Winery status Large winery
Annual production low
Grapes Verdicchio
Style Crisp and fruity
ABV 13
Bottle Size 75cl
Free sulphur 0
Organic Yes
Sulphite level Sulphite Free
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