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Grangehurst Red Barrel 2009

After competing in the Vintners Classic Surf Contest in 2004 Jeremy was inspired to produce a wine celebrating his two passions - wine and surfing. Hence he produced this "Red Barrel".

Like all his wines it is superb! A blend of Cabernet and Shiraz with a little Mourvedre, all handpicked into small baskets. The grapes were further hand sorted from basket to basket so only the premium fruit was used.

The different varietals were fermented separately, and each ferment was punched down by hand up to six times a day over an eight day period to extract maximum flavour and colour. The wine was then drawn off unfiltered and unfined to stainless steel before being matured in French oak for eighteen months, then the blend was assembled. The wine was then allowed to rest in stainless steel for a few months before bottling on a gravity flow system as Jeremy calls it - which is a tube out of the tank with Jeremy and the girls at the other end manually filling the bottles! 

It's a big wine, powerful and full flavoured. Initial black fruit turns slightly savoury on the finish. Like all Jeremy's wines it is smooth and integrated, very easy to drink. Compared to his excellent "Daylea 2007" at the same price this is a bit deeper and heavier in style.

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Grangehurst winemaker, Jeremy Walker, met Wavescape founder, Steve “Spike” Pike, when we competed against each other at the Vintners Classic Surf Contest in Still Bay in 2004. Magnums of the Vintners BIG RED flowed at the after party / prize giving and this inspired us to produce a red wine that is a vibrant blend of surfing and winemaking. As barrels are vital to red wine and surfers, we decided to brand this wine “Red Barrel” to pay homage to two wonderful gifts of nature – waves and wine!

GRAPE VARIETY Cabernet Sauvignon (46%) Shiraz (45%) Mourvèdre (9%)

VITICULTURE Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from a 7-year old trellised vineyard in Stellenbosch were harvested early March 2009. Shiraz grapes from 6-year old bush vines were also harvested early March. These varietals comprise 91% of the blend, which also has a splash of Mourvèdre. These vineyards are all within the coastal region of Stellenbosch and are positively influenced by the cool southerly summer sea breezes that blow across False Bay. Due to the surfing aspect, we have had this wine certified as Coastal Region (Stellenbosch is part of this appellation).

WINEMAKING NOTES Grapes harvested by hand into lug baskets (18 kg per basket); hand sorting of grapes (basket to basket) to remove leaves, unripe/overripe grapes; then destemmed and crushed (± 50% whole berries) and pumped to open fermenters; manual punchdowns (pigeage) 4 to 6 times per day for duration of fermentation (8 days). Thereafter the wines were drawn off and the skins pressed using wooden basket presses. The individual varietals were kept separate in stainless steel tanks and after malolactic fermentation were racked to oak barrels. The wines were clarified by settling and racking – no fining or filtration – and barrel matured until ready for blending and bottling.

BARREL MATURATION Matured in French oak barrels for 18 months.

BOTTLING After barrel maturation, the blended wine was stored in a stainless steel tank for a few months before being filtered and bottled using our gentle gravity flow filling system. This was the first red wine bottled at Grangehurst with a screwcap. Total production of 7 728 bottles.
WINE ANALYSIS Alcohol 14.61% vol (14.5% on label)
Residual Sugar 2.3 gram / litre
Total Acidity 5.7 gram / litre
pH 3.61

TASTING NOTES Dark ruby, slight garnet colour; complex aromas and flavours of black berries and violets from the Cabernet Sauvignon and sweet, spicy red berry fruit from the Shiraz (with a touch of white pepper from the Mourvèdre). According to Spike, you should “pull in and chill out with this Wavescape Red Barrel”!

More Information
Location Stellenbosch, Coastal Region
Winery Grangehurst
Winery status Tiny family winery
Winemaker Jeremy Walker
Annual production 7,728 bottles
Grapes Cabernet Sauvignon (46%) Shiraz (45%) Mourvèdre (9%)
Product awards 90 Points
Style Big and smooth
ABV 14
Bottle Size 75cl
Vintage 2009
Sustainable farming Yes
Vegan Yes
Sulphite level Very Low
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