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Grangehurst Pinotage 2008

Both 06 and 07 were awarded 4.5 Stars Platter and we expect the same for this 2008

Grangehurst Pinotage is fabulous - one of the best Pinotages on the market. All Grangehurst red wines are very good indeed. Jeremy has a real passion for Pinotage and is regarded as one of the finest Pinotage producers in South Africa. Rich, full bodied, full flavoured and super smooth with weight on the palate. A long lingering finish. This is excellent wine, and a great introduction to anybody who has not tried Pinotage before, or who has only had a mass produced cheap one, as they can put you off Pinotage for life (tasting like burnt rubber). This is a different animal altogether being a fabulous wine!

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Pinotage 88% (Cabernet Sauvignon 10% & Merlot 2%)


Selected from prime vineyard areas in Stellenbosch viz. Firgrove/Helderberg and Simonsberg. The southerly summer sea-breezes that blow over the cool waters of False Bay contribute greatly to the quality of the grapes from these vineyards.


The Pinotage was harvested on the 25th & 28th of January (Firgrove/Helderberg) & the 7th of February (Simonsberg).


After destalking and crushing the grapes, the mash was fermented in open tanks for 5 and 7 days on the skins. The cap of skins was punched down and mixed with the juice 4 to 6 times per day to ensure optimum extraction of colour, tannin and flavours. The basket pressed wine was blended with the free-run wine in stainless steel tanks before being transferred to small oak barrels. The malolactic fermentation occurred in tanks and barrels.


This wine was clarified according to the natural settling and racking method, which does not involve the use of any fining agents, centrifuges or filters – a natural, unhurried method of clarifying wine.


Portions of the Pinotage wines from the two vineyards were blended and barrel matured, whilst another portion (Firgrove/Helderberg) was barrel matured as a single vineyard. The wines spent an average of 22 months in 225 litre French (87%) and Amercian (13%) oak barrels. The two Pinotage portions were racked and blended in a stainless steel tank together with a few barrels of Cabernet Sauvignon and a splash of Merlot.


Bottled at Grangehurst using a gentle gravity flow filling system. The wine flowed from the elevated bottling tanks through a cartridge filter to the hand filler and into the bottles. This was the only stage during the entire winemaking process that the wine was filtered.


Alcohol: 13.9% by volume (14.0% on label) Residual Sugar: 2.5 g/l Total Acidity: 5.7 g/l pH: 3.52


There was not enough maiden vintage (1992) Grangehurst Pinotage to fill our stainless steel tank – so Jeremy decided to fill the tank with Cabernet Sauvignon (8%). So started the Grangehurst “recipe” of blending between 8 and 14% Cabernet Sauvignon with our Pinotage. The Cabernet provides an interesting dimension of fruit, tannin and additional acidity – which contribute to the complexity and balance of Grangehurst Pinotage.


Dark ruby colour; red berry and plummy fruitiness with vanilla, oak and spice; full on the palate with smooth, robust tannins. Recommended drinking 6 to 15 years from vintage. Enjoy this wine with fine cuisine such as seared tuna, tagliatelle carbonara, bobotie or springbok pie.

More Information
Location Heldeberg, Stellenbosch
Winery Grangehurst
Winery status Tiny family winery
Winemaker Jeremy Walker
Annual production Low
Grapes 88% Pinotage 10% Cab Sauv 2% Merlot
Product awards Platter 4.5 Stars
Gold Medals
Style Big and smooth
ABV 14
Bottle Size 75cl
Vintage 2008
Free sulphur 16
Percentage score 91
Sustainable farming Yes
Sulphite level Very Low
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