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Grangehurst Cabernet Merlot

Platter 4 Stars

Grangehurst Cabernet Merlot is a great aged Bordeaux blend from Jeremy Walker. Jeremy ages all his wines on site at the winery for many years, and typically only releases them once they're at least ten years old! He is the only South African I know of making wines like this. The results are excellent. Big powerful wines, supoer smooth and fully integrated as the blend has had years to settle. Grangehurst wines are quite an experience and highly recommended. This Grangehurst Cabernet Merlot is full bodied and super smooth, drinking beautifully.

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Grangehurst Cabernet Merlot

This vintage is fantastic. An exceptional wine! I would personally back this wine against anything from Bordeaux under £30, and quite a lot of wines over £30 too. This is something special.

More Information
Location Heldeberg, Stellenbosch
Winery Grangehurst
Winery status Tiny family winery
Winemaker Jeremy Walker
Annual production Low
Grapes Cabernet & Merlot (with a little Petit Verdot)
Product awards Platter 4 Stars
Style Big and smooth
ABV 14
Bottle Size 75cl
Vintage 2006
Percentage score 91
Sustainable farming Yes
Sulphite level Very Low
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