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Grande Provence

This is one of the finest wineries I have ever had the pleasure to visit, producing some of the finest wines I have ever tasted.

Situated just off the main road into Franschoek, Grande Provence is one of the first wineries you come to as you approach this beautiful cosmopolitan small town. It's a magnificent setting with old Dutch architecture and grand old trees shading the courtyard dining area. Statues are dotted around the gardens and the view of the hills around Franschoek is just breathtaking.

Inside the tasting area it is all modern clean lines with a circular bar furnished with unique bar stools made out of old tractor seats - designed by a New Zealand artist. There is an impressive art gallery here as well as a really top class restaurant serving exquisite food. If you visit you really must opt for their food and wine pairing experience. The walls are covered with award certificates as their incredible wines have a huge collection already, despite having only produced their first vintage in 2005.

Grande Provence was purchased in 2004 by Alex van Heeren (CVO, MBE), and now is part of the Huka Retreats, a very upmarket collection of just three premier resorts including Dolphin Island, Fiji and Huka Lodge, New Zealand. Guests at Grande Provence can rent the "owner's cottage" but it is far from a cottage! Often frequented by Royalty including our own as well as the Dutch and Norwegian Royal families, it is beyond the price range of most of us, but is absolutely beautiful.

While the estate is surrounded by vines, the secret to the quality of Grande Provence's amazing wines is that the grapes are actually sourced from very small premium individual vineyards in the surrounding hills, each producing perfect varietal fruit. The grapes grown on the flat around the farm are actually sold off to other wineries.

Production of their premium wines is very small, and the quality of them is stunning. In the UK to date the only place they have been served is Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle - 8 times between them! They will also be listed at Carlo's in Llandudno of course, as are a lot of our best wines.

Grande Provence also produce a range of every day wines under their "Angel's Tears" label but the only thing "every day" about them is their price. Even these wines are excellent quality, hand made with minimal additives or manipulation.

Grande Provence wines are something special, and we're delighted to be working with them to bring them to our UK customers.

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