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Frey Organic White Zinfandel sulphite free wine

A popular dry rose from Frey. This is a little more tannic than their softer Natural Rose.

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In the UK we have become all too familiar with commercial "White Zin" which became synonymous for any artificially sweetened inferior rose wine from California. Well I'm delighted to say this wine is nothing like any of those.

This is fruity but dry wine made by lightly pressing the red Zinfandel grape to extract the best juice with a little tannin and colour. It's very pleasant, easy drinking as all Frey's wines are with no added tartaric acid (or anything else for that matter).

If you're looking for a commercial white zinfandel then this won't be suitable. But if you're after a good healthy dry rose then this is ideal.

More Information
Location Mendocino, California
Winery Frey
Winery status Family owned and run
Winemaker Jonathan Frey
Annual production Very Low
Grapes Zinfandel
Style Fruity and dry
ABV 12
Bottle Size 75cl
Vintage NV
Free sulphur 0
Organic Yes
Sustainable farming Yes
Gluten free Yes
Vegan Yes
Sulphite level Sulphite Free
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