Sulphite Free Wine

Frey Organic Natural White sulphite free wine

This is a great introduction to sulphite free whites and to Frey's wines of course. It's got bags of flavour and a slightly nutty dry finish. Equally lovely on it's own or with some food.

Frey's notes state

A bright and crisp dry white wine filled with pleasant flavors of ripe melons and pear. This excellent wine is a pleasure to both purse and palate.

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This wine is a big success for Frey and rightly so. It can be a challenge to produce full flavoured whites without sulphites but as Jonathan has been doing it for over 30 years, it's fair to say he's got the hang of it.

We really enjoy this wine. It's full of pear and melon flavours, quite full in the mouth with a nice soft integrated acidity.

More Information
Location Mendocino, California
Winery Frey
Winery status Family owned and run
Winemaker Jonathan Frey
Annual production 6800 cases
Grapes Chardonnay & Chenin Blanc
Style Round & fruity
ABV 14
Bottle Size 75cl
Free sulphur 0
Sustainable farming Yes
Gluten free Yes
Vegan Yes
Sulphite level Sulphite Free
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