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The Fledge & Co Elgin Chardonnay O Velhapi

Special Offer - reduced from £22.99 to £15.95

Leon did us a deal as there was a mix up and he accidentally put this on our last order. Once you go above £20 for whites they sell much more slowly so in the interest of promoting this wine Leon has discounted it to us and we are discounting it further to make it affordable for all our regulars to treat themselves this Christmas!

This is the maiden release for this amazing new wine! A cool climate Chardonnay from a tiny vineyard in Elgin.

Leon produced just 1,320 bottles so we are extremely fortunate to have got a sizeable chunk of it!

Barrel fermented and barrel matured, made in a very Burgundian style for South Africa. This will rival fine Burgundy on quality and blow it away on rarity and price!

Surprisingly light in colour for a barrel fermented Chardonnay. Leon is quite right, this will benefit from some bottle ageing. It is very enjoyable now - I decanted it  to give it some air - but it will keep improving if you can lay it down for a few months (or even years). 

It is full flavoured with some body and good mouthfeel. Very fresh and clean yet complex with a long finish.

All the Fledge wines are low sulphite, but we also wanted to mention that all the free SO2 readings were at bottling which will have reduced significantly since, so they will in fact be even lower than stated now.

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More Information
Location Stellenbosch
Winery Fledge & Co
Winery status Just Leon & Margaux!
Winemaker Leon & Margaux
Annual production 1320 bottles
Grapes Chardonnay
Style Like quality Burgundy!
ABV 12.5
Bottle Size 75cl
Free sulphur 33mg/l
Percentage score 91
Sustainable farming Yes
Vegan Yes
Vegetarian Yes
Sulphite level Low
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