Ernie Els Merlot

From his excellent site on the Heldeberg, all the Ernie Els reds are good, some are great. This Merlot is excellent.

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An excellent Merlot! They blend 8 different clones of Merlot, each of which adds slightly different characteristics to this wine which also receives some oak ageing to add body and complexity. It's deep ruby in colour with a nose of red fruits. Swirl it in the glass and the big legs sticking to the side of the glass tell you this is no lightweight! Intense flavours on the palate of both red and black fruits, sweet initially but beautifully balanced by the oak kicking in at the end. Again, like all his other wines, the overall balance of this wine is fantastic with cleansing acidity refreshing the palate.The finish is very long with silky vanilla flavours. There aren't many straight Merlots that I would usually buy as I like my wines to be big and powerful, and many Merlots can be fairly light - but not in this case. It's a full flavoured, powerful wine with body, complexity and style. Great wine.

More Information
Location Stellenbosch
Winery Ernie Els
Winery status Large privately owned winery
Winemaker Louis Strydom
Annual production Low
Grapes Merlot - 8 different clones!
Product awards
Style Rich and smooth
ABV 14
Bottle Size 75cl
Vintage 2012
Sulphite level Medium Low
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