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Domaine D'Anglas Farigoulette Blanc sulphite free wine

D'Anglas Farigoulette Blanc is a natural sulphite free white wine produced from Roussane, Marsanne and Carignan grapes, from 18 year old vines. They're all grown on a tiny 1 hectare vineyard and handpicked of course. Fermented in resin and stainless steel then aged in stainless steel for a further six months.

The wine was only very lightly filtered before bottling so is a little cloudy as much of the natural grape material is still dissolved in the wine, including the natural antioxidants of course. With a little settling it will drop bright and the sediment will collect on the lowest point of the bottle so pour carefully, or if you prefer to drink the wine with this natural content in you can give it a quick shake to redissolve it.

On first taste, like most sulphite free whites, there is no great burtst of flavour. But the more you sip it the more you enjoy it. Best to give it ten minutes to aerate if you can as it is bottled under CO2 there is a slight fizz when first opened. It's very soft and easy drinking as there is no added tartaric acid or other nasties of course.

Flavours of citrus fruits with a slightly nutty finish. This is very enjoyable wine for anybody used to sulphite free whites, and well priced. If however you don't like these natural style wines with only a very light filtering please don't buy this wine. I'd suggest you opt for something low sulphite and more mainstream instead such as our Nidia Verdejo.

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A soft and fruity sulphite free white wine with a dry finish.

More Information
Location Herault, France
Winery Domaine D'Anglas
Winery status Family owned and run
Winemaker Roger Gaussorgues
Annual production Tiny
Grapes Roussane, Marsanne & Carignan
Style Soft and natural
ABV 12.5
Bottle Size 75cl
Free sulphur 0
Organic Yes
Grapes Own Yeast Yes
Sustainable farming Yes
Gluten free Yes
No wood used Yes
Vegan Yes
Sulphite level Sulphite Free
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