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Costes Cirgues Cremant de Marinas Rose sulphite free wine

Costes Cirgues Cremant de Marinas Rose is an excellent organic sparkling Rose wine. The original Rose was produced sulphite free as are all their wines. However a tiny amount of sulphites were produced naturally during the secndary fermentation in the bottle, so this wine does state "contains sulphites" on the lable. The amounts are so low, and all are natural not a manmade additive, so it can be treated as a completely sulphite free wine.

We have been stocking this wine for years when we could get hold of some. Generally we could only get a couple of hundred bottles each year. This year we have far less than that so if you want some I suggest you order it quickly!

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Costes Cirgues Cremant de Marinas Rose

Costes Cirgues website states:

Grape varieties: 100% Grenache Noir

Surface: 0.4 ha

Yield: 40 hl/ha, 1650 bottles

Harvest: Manually in picking crates

Vinification: Immediate pressing and cold-racking, with a first fermentation in thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks. The wine undergoes a second fermentation for nine months in the bottle, according to the traditional method.

Tasting: Pearly pink robe with a strawberry and mint cocktail aroma. In the mouth, the fineness of the bubbles is matched with a delicate raspberry flavor. A very refreshing and well structured wine thanks to its slight hint of acidity. Ideal for all festive occasions!

More Information
Location Languedoc, France
Winery Chateau Costes Cirgues
Winery status Family owned and run
Winemaker David Althof
Annual production 1650 bottles
Grapes 100% Grenache Noir
Style Sparkling, fruity & dry
ABV 12
Bottle Size 75cl
Organic Yes
Sustainable farming Yes
Gluten free Yes
No wood used Yes
Vegan Yes
Sulphite level Sulphite Free
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