Mixed Case One

This case contains some excellent wines including two real artisan wines of just a few thousand bottles annual production  - the Jikken Barreru and the Juan Simon. These are made naturally with real passion and flare! The Pas de la Baume Blanc is a gold medal winner and is delicious, while the Boplaas Chocolate "port" is stunning and a huge favourite with our regulars at Christmas.

Just a note if you have a sulphite allergy - while all these wines are much lower in additives than anything you'd get in a high street retailer or online wine club, both the sparkling Torresella and the Cairanne Secret Campane are produced on a comparatively large scale by our standards so we wouldn't recommend them to anybody with an allergy. For everybody else though they are great wines for the party season.

This case includes one bottle each of:

Torresella Spumante Rosato

Jikken Barreru Sauvignon Blanc

Cave de Cairanne Pas del a Baume Blanc

Cave de Cairanne Secret Campane

Juan Simon Cartan Joven

Boplaas Chocolate "Port" South Africa 375ml

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A case of 6 excellent wines as recommended by me.

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Winery Assorted
Bottle Size 6 x 75cl
Sulphite level Medium Low
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