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Cara Sur Tinto Moscatel Sebastian Zuccardi

Cara Sur Moscatel! Sebastian Zuccardi's Bonarda was a firm favourite, a high altitude tiny production wine of just 2000 bottles. Now Sebastian has surpassed himself with this! A high altitude handmade Moscatel from Argentina - making just 600 bottles. Moscatel, otherwise known as Muscat or Moscato, is a popular grape used for making a variety of wine styles, with many sweet or semi sweet varieties. There are both white and red Moscatel varieties with the white being the most common for producing sweet wines, but the red also sometimes used for sweet wines too. Here Sebastian has used red Moscatel to make a dry red wine and the results are superb.

This is true pioneering winemaking for the art, not for profit. Please try a bottle of this, as it's a unique opportunity to try such an artisan wine.

A very floral nose, rose petal fragrance, fairly light in colour like Pinot Noir - so not surprising to discover the texture of the wine is like fine Burgundy (with more fruit). Big and round on the palate with dominant red fruits and a slight spice to it. Fantastic wine!

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Sebastian Zuccardi makes highly individual, minimal intervention high altitude wines. He ferments in concrete eggs and experiments with exciting grapes like this Moscatel to produce distinctive individual wines with flare and passion. On the label he expresses his key points - extreme nature - fruit intensity - innovation in the winery - hand care in each bottle - mountain wines.

More Information
Location Calingasta Valley, San Juan, Argentina
Winery Sebastian Zuccardi
Winery status Privately owned winery
Winemaker Sebastian Zuccardi
Annual production 600 bottles only!
Grapes Moscatel
Style Smooth and natural
ABV 14.5
Bottle Size 75cl
Percentage score 91
Sulphite level Very Low
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