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Aniello Merlot

Aniello 006 Merlot is a super Merlot full of black fruits. Very smooth with fresh acidity and good structure. Merlot isn't the first grape you'd think of when considering Argentine reds, but you should consider trying a bottle of this. There is a prominent nose of sweet fruits and violets. On the palate the wine is velvety smooth with lovely flavours. Not big and powerful, more smooth and subtle and utterly enjoyable.

Personally I love good Merlot but it's very difficult to find good Merlot at affordable prices and often to get one you have to look in unlikely places! This one from Patagonia is very good and great value.

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Bodega Aniello is a fantastic new winery on the Rio Negro in Patagonia, crafting delicious, quality wines. Although the business is new, their first vineyard named "006" was planted back in 1998 so the vines are producing mature fruit. Bodega Aniello is a small group of people with Italian heritage, passionate about showing off Patagonia's natural talent for quality wine.

All grapes are hand harvested and fermented in small concrete tanks. 30% is then oak aged.

This wine is very good indeed and I encourage everybody to try it.

"It is opulent in every respect, particularly on the nose which is awash with dense, sweet, ripe black plums and notes of violets. The palate is velvety and quite indulgent but by no means over-blown. Again, as with the Malbec, the wine is delightfully fresh and refreshing as well as being succulent and soft. Merlot, so often overlooked these days, this one made us reassess the grape entirely."
More Information
Location Patagonia
Winery Bodega Aniello
Winery status Privately owned winery
Winemaker Santiago Bernasconi
Annual production Tiny
Grapes Merlot
Style Opulent and smooth
ABV 13.5
Bottle Size 75cl
Sulphite level Medium Low
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