We are in the process of updating all our premixed cases. In the meantime please order by selecting individual wines to make up your own case.

Did you know?

You can mix and match any of our wines to make up your own case. You can purchase any quantity you like from a single bottle upwards. Simply select your required wine by browsing through our menu on the left of the screen, enter the desired quantity in the box and click 'add to cart'. Then move to your next required wine and repeat. When you've finished simply click the 'checkout' link at the top of the page.

Alternatively, if you haven't the time or just want some guidance, you can simply purchase one of these excellent premixed cases below.

Sulphite free mixed taster case 6x75cl

Sulphite free mixed taster case 6x75cl

Here we've put together 6 bottles of good assorted sulphite free wines to give you an introduction to drinking natural wines which are actively good for you. These include wines from Southern France, Italy and California, all made naturally. Once you've tried this case and realised how delicious these wines are and how good they make you feel when you drink them, you can then move on to putting your own selections together from other wines on this page.

1 bottle each of:

Domaine D'Anglas Organic Farigoulette Dry Rose

Domaine Mayrac Organic Blanquette de Limoux Brut sans sulfites

Frey Organic Natural White

La Selva Organic Privo Sangiovese

Domaine Viret Solstice

Cristina Menicocci Biodynamic Stamnos