Boutique Wines

We specialise in top quality wines made by small family producers with real passion and pride. These wines are often described as "boutique" although that implies they are going to be expensive! Some are expensive of course, but many of them cost no more than the factory produced wines found on the high street or with the large internet retailers.

The good news though is these boutique wines are great tasting, great value for money and very low in the harmful chemicals that are liberally added to mass produced wines. In fact these wines are actively good for you!

Jane and I love wine, and we like to represent the owners of small wineries who take a real pride in their wines. There are thousands of them out there who have to compete against globalisation and the commercialisation of the UK wine trade. This relationship is beneficial to all - the winery gets it's wines to market, we have unique wines to sell to give us a point of difference over the majority of the UK wine market, and you, our customers, benefit from delicious healthy wines you wouldn't have otherwise discovered. We have personally tasted EVERY wine on our site, and we are very particular which wines we select - if it isn't good enough for us to enjoy drinking, it doesn't get listed on our website. It's as simple as that.

We work closely with many of the wineries we represent, importing directly from them and passing the savings on to our customers. We also source some wines through UK agencies, as many good wineries already have representation over here. But for the vast majority of these wines we have the cheapest prices in the UK market.

Please enjoy browsing the site, and as always we welcome any feedback or comments. If you'd like to speak to one of us for some advice give us a call.

John & Jane