Best Prices

You're very unlikely to find any of our wines for sale for less anywhere in the UK.

Our company policy is

'to offer only good quality wine at the best prices backed up by excellent customer service'.

We keep our prices to a minimum. We regularly check competitors' prices to make sure we beat them on price. It's our philosophy to offer the best value for money to encourage long term repeat custom, we're not here just to make a quick profit from each sale.

Occassionally a competitor's price may appear cheaper, but this is often beacause they are quoting the price excluding UK Excise Duty (currently £2.06 per 75cl bottle of still wine, £2.60 for sparkling or wine over 15%) or UK VAT (20%) - or both. We've found one or two large firms who appear to offer better prices on some Champagnes too, but these have to be bought by the case and then they charge an extra £35 for delivery! So in reality they're a lot more expensive.

With us there are no hidden catches. The price you see is the price you pay, with only a competitive delivery charge to be added, which we absorb on orders of £250 or more.

Taxes on wine

Wine is getting consistently more expensive, so when we buy wine we presume that the retailer must be making a healthy profit.

In fact retailer margins are being squeezed - it is our dear old Chancellor who is making all the cash. See below for examples:

The Chancellor's duty escalator is set to add yet another 10p per bottle duty (plus 2p VAT!) on to a bottle of wine from April. Tax on wine has already increased by 50% since 2008.

Ironically every time the Chancellor increases excise duty he actually gets less revenue as sales fall - that is proven fact, and this rise is expected to cost (according to the Tax Payer's Alliance) £230 million in lost revenue as well as 6000 jobs!

Please note these examples are now out of date and the tax is even higher!

The taxes on your wine!
The taxes on your wine!
The taxes on your wine!